Every couple wants their wedding ceremony to be meaningful and memorable. Whether this is your first marriage or your fourth, whether you are young, or walking down the aisle later in life, you will want a wedding ceremony that reflects you as a couple.

I am confident that I can take you, step-by-step, through this exciting, tender and serious time of your life. My clients warm to and appreciate my relaxed and friendly manner.

I have sample wedding ceremonies that I can adapt to suit you. You can choose traditional or something more alternative. Perhaps you’d like a particular reading, a poem or a favourite piece of music. Maybe you want a ceremony written especially for you. You may want to include friends and family, such as children from a previous relationship. Together we can design a unique celebration.

Naming Ceremonies

A Naming ceremony is a wonderful way for you to introduce your child to the community of your extended family and friends. This can be for a newborn, older child or children who are adopting a new name and family.

Naming ceremonies have a history almost as old as the human race. It is a rite that publicly welcomes a new life into the family and in the company of loved ones. These ceremonies help to ensure that family relationships are deepened and parents, grandparents and guardians (or god parents) become more fully aware of their responsibilities.

I aim to assist you to create a memorable personal experience for your child's introduction to family and friends. The use of readings, music, candles and a unity bowl are all additions to make your ceremony more expressive and to suit your cultural beliefs and will be carefully tailored to suit your needs. You will receive a specially printed certificate of naming and a special copy of your ceremony.

Commitment Ceremonies

There are many reasons why a couple choose not to marry. A commitment ceremony allows you to publicly declare your love for each other without the legal implications. The ceremony follows a similar format to a wedding however we can develop a ceremony to suit you both. It can be formal, themed or casual anything that expresses your personalities.

I can help you add to your happiness and fulfiment in a tangible way. Your commitment ceremony can include special people in your lives, special readings, poems, music, etc. This is an opportunity to publicly declare your love for each other and put into words all you feelings, dreams and hopes.

Funeral Services

The sadness of losing a family member or a friend is stressful on family and friends. Celebrating a person’s life and achievements in a personal funeral, or memorial ceremony can be a fitting tribute to the one who has passed away.

I am happy to come to your home and, with your knowledge of the deceased, write and conduct a ceremony that meets your needs and reflects the attributes of the one whom you have lost.